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What do we offer?

Power Washing

Does your deck need a power wash cleaning?

Sanding & Re-Seal

Perhaps it is time to re-sand & re-seal your deck?

Repairs & Upgrades

Does your deck need repairs/upgrades?

Our team offers a wide range of deck cleaning, re-finishing, and repair services!

Re-fiNishing Options?

Deck Re-Finishing Option #1:

Sand & Re-Finish

w/Oil Deck Stain

Deck Re-Finishing Option #2:

Power Wash & Re-Finish

w/Solid Deck Stain

Our team has over 15+ years experience re-finishing decks in Flagstaff, AZ.

We can help!

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We have been providing professional deck services for 15+ years. We can HELP!

Our Services:

Welcome! Our team can help with Deck Refinishing, Deck Power Washing, Deck Sanding, Deck Repairs and much MORE! We now service Flagstaff, AZ and surrounding cities.

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